Introducing the SunToWater JJ游戏Water JJ游戏app下载

Generate up to 8 gallons per day of fresh, pure drinking water for your family.

The SunToWater JJ游戏Water JJ游戏app下载 creates drinking water from the air around us. The patented technology operates in two stages that align with the Earth’s daily dew cycle: absorption and extraction. At night, when relative humidity tends to peak, the absorption cycle collects water from the moisture in the air with a proprietary desiccant. During the day, sensors switch the patented system into an extraction cycle to condense up to 8 gallons of fresh, pure drinking water from yesterday’s air.

How SunToWater JJ游戏下载 Water from Air

On a mission to bring more fresh, pure drinking water to the world.

Meet the people who are powering SunToWater’s mission to make water independence possible through innovative water-from-air technologies.

Leading the way in home water generators

After years of laboratory testing and outdoor field-trials, SunToWater Atmosperic Water JJ游戏app下载s have proven to be the most predictable and reliable water generators on the market. Capable of producing water in humidity as low as 10%, SunToWater’s water generators can create drinking water in climates ranging from the Sahara Desert to Singapore. The eco-friendly materials and low-maintenance design further set it apart from older antiquated water generator technologies.

Fresh, pure drinking water

SunToWater JJ游戏Water JJ游戏app下载s create fresh, pure drinking water that’s safe in any atmospheric conditions. Our technology not only collects the moisture from the air with a patented desiccant, but the water also runs through multiple filters, add minerals back that we need as humans, and finally passes through a UV light to ensure that the water exceeds WHO (World Health Organization) water purification standards.

Upcoming On-Grid AC-Powered Product Specifications

Physical Specifications

  • Size
  • 44 Inches x 33 Inches x 31 Inches
  • Length x Width x Height
  • Dry Shipping Weight
  • 159 lbs.
  • Wet Shipping Weight
  • 200 lbs.

Water JJ游戏app下载 Specifications

  • Desiccant
  • ACS grade salt
  • FDA approved food additive
  • Temperature Range
  • 32°F – 130°F
  • i.e. Los Angeles, California typically ranges from 46°F to 76°F depending on the season
  • Relative Humidity (RH) Range
  • 15% – 99%
  • i.e. Los Angeles typically ranges from 38 – 90% RH versus the Sahara Desert’s 24% RH
  • Power Sources
  • On-Grid AC Power with Solar Power Coming Later
  • Standard 110v AC Power
  • Water Output
  • Up to 8 gallons per day (30 liters)

Energy Consumption

  • Total Electric Energy On-Grid
  • Up to 1 kW per hour

Water Grade

  • World Health Organization
  • WHO

Note: On-Grid Performance and Specifications are Subject to Change

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